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Miller Family, Jupiter Lighthouse
Pathways to Revitalized Hope.

Welcome to Spirit in the Sky Memorial Foundation. This 501c3 foundation was founded by the Miller & Winslow family after the traumatic loss of son, brother and uncle in 2019  due to a long battle with alcoholism.

The Miller/Winslow loss is one of thousands of stories and families impacted by life-controlling issues like alcoholism and addiction. 



The Spirit in the Sky Memorial Foundation provides pathways to hope and healing in mind, body & soul from the impact of life-controlling issues.

Foundation Values
Key Focus Areas
  • Value of Human Life

  • Value of Family

  • Value of Grace & Second Chances

  • Value of Freedom

  • Addiction Recovery & Restoration

  • Family Recovery & Restoration

  • Blood Donations


We host annual Blood Drives in cooperation with local blood donation centers.


Generous  donations are provided to ministries & organizations that align with values.


As a family  we invest volunteer time into the organizations we support.


More details 


Coming Soon!
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